Dibra is a town in the center of the district with the same name in Macedonia. It's on the right shore of the river Drini Zi and its branch Radika, sorounded by mountains of Velivar (2374 m ) and Kercin (2325 m ).
      Dibra for the first time was recorded on Ptolomeus chart (2nd century A.D.) with the name DEBRUS. In the year 1502 Dibra was recognized as an important central city in that region. In the year 1830-40 with aprox. 8400 inhabitants and 250 stores(shops), the town was one of the most imporrtant economic centers of the internal Albanian market.
     The town of Dibra was one of strongholds againts different ocupators and has given exeptional help on Albanian-Osman wars under the lidership of Scanderbeg. The town and its soroundings have played an important role on the nacional movement of the Albanian Union of Prizren. Here was held the Council of Dibra (November 1st 1878), which approved the Unions program.
     On 1889 the Council of Dibra was called, were was decided the joining with the Union of Peja. On the year 1900 with the initiative of H.Vokrit  the fist school in albanian was opened. Dibra has given great help in theAntiosman Uprising of the year 1912. Dibra's delegates toke place on The Nacionl Council of Vlora (1912). Vehbi Agolli was selected as a secretary of first Albanian government founded from that council.
     The citizens of Dibra made a great resistace against serb trops in the year 1912 and opposed the annexion of these region under Serb kingdom. In september 1913 Dibra became the main center of peoples Antiserb Uprising, which spread from Gjakova all the way to Ohri.
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